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Over time, ultra-violet light will damage LCD displays. American Computer Optics provides a unique OptiClear UV protection glass whose coating will not break down over time. Colors are more vibrant. Whites are crisp and bright. Contrast enhancement is especially important when using displays for art presentation or outdoor VDT viewing.

Organic coatings are damaged by UV light themselves, breaking down over time and eventually becoming ineffective. Conventional UV coatings grow progressively weaker in stopping UV light. American Computer Optics OptiClear UV coating is an advanced inorganic coating. Our coating will remain effective, continuing to protect your work for as long as the glass itself lasts.

This process creates no surface etching. Surface etched glass becomes paler at a distance, growing foggier. With our UV Coating, the screen remains clear at a distance, without fogginess.

For preservation of expensive LCD displays, we highly recommend utilizing our UV coating.




Visit Optical Coatings (www.opticalcoatings.com) for information on applications for our OptiClear™ UV Coating.

Or visit Plasma Guard (www.plasmaguard.com) to learn how this special process can benefit your plasma screen.